Hello there, my name is Paul, I'm a quinquagenarian Gaels native living a hermetic life in a remote fishing village on one of the numerous smaller islands of the British Isles. By day I am a mathematician. By night I'm a chess player exploring ways to get better at the mind game. Not to mention, my passion for quaffing fine wines sought from boutique wineries and vineyards around the world.

I'm deafblind. Born deaf. Gone blind. I have what is known as congenital deafblindness. A condition referred to as Usher Syndrome. It is a combination of bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with progressive retinal degeneration in the form of RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa). I've not heard since birth. My sight began to degenerate in my teenage years and has now deteriorated to the point where I can only see light; there is no useful vision.

My chess journey began as a small child when my grandfather first taught me how to play the game. I continued to play chess throughout my childhood and into adolescence but only with members of my family and friends. I've never played in tournaments. Never played in a chess club.

Three decades later, I have rekindled my love for chess. I've become an avid enthusiast of chess and spend most of my evenings and weekends exploring ways to get better. I want to push myself to the absolute limit and have embarked on a long and difficult journey down the road to chess improvement. I have a lot of study ahead of me and many hours over the chessboard but most importantly I am enjoying my pilgrimage to chess mastery.

-- Paul